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Do you want to become a blockchain expert in four month or less?

In-depth, fully mentored blockchain certification courses for unbeatable value

Get the skills you need for your dream job

To land your dream job, you need an in-depth understanding of at least one blockchain protocol and language. To become a well rounded expert you need more.

At B9lab Academy we have expert-led courses for all the major blockchain protocols so you can take charge of your education and elevate your blockchain career to the next level.

What you get in your B9lab Course

Course materials with videos, animations, quizzes, projects and exercises

Unlimited access to content and updates for four months

100% online learning, choose self paced or in a cohort

A dedicated team of expert instructors for One-on-One support and code review

Access to to the community of global learners and Alumni

Build your blockchain career portfolio

Get certified on the Ethereum blockchain

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How it works

Get immediate access to expert support and all the course materials as soon as you buy
You can also join your peers in a cohort in the first Wednesday of the month and learn together, part-time
Join the Slack channel where you meet your instructors and fellow participants, exchange ideas and ask questions
Instructors review your code and provide detailed, line-by-line feedback in projects, quizzes and the exam
When you're ready, take the certification exam to build your portfolio and verify your expertise for all to see

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Hands-on teaching

You have full-time access to our team of instructors. When you hit a snag or have a question, you can just message them. You also join a wide community of students, who exchange experiences and learn from each other.

Live Mentoring

Code review

Guidance throughout courses


Learn by doing

Our courses feature coding projects. Our mentors will go through your projects and provide feedback and code review.

Sample projects

Ad-hoc challenges

Final graded project

Try our free instructional tasters

Get a sneak preview of our in-depth courses with these free introduction tasters. Each one has parts of the full course to give you a glimpse of the fully mentored, certified B9lab courses.

Thousands of people have got into the blockchain industry through our programmes

“You guys rock! I'll always remember the gentle, yet direct and precise way you reviewed my code and engaged in conversations in Slack. You guys really kept me motivated and inspired to learn everything I could; you are very knowledgeable and I am still learning from you by reading your answers in stackexchange every other day... never before I learned so much in so little time”

Daniel Portugal, Project Manager, Multifoco Editoração

“The projects where you actually build something yourself was huge and most courses don't have that. Other courses passively walk you through a project step by step, but without hands-on practice it's just not effective learning. It's not a real-world job situation. B9lab creates a more realistic expectation.”

Randall K.

“Rob, Xavier and Adel have spent chunks of time providing me with invaluable code reviews and answered my numerous questions with absolute clarity. Thank you B9lab for providing such an amazing learning experience for the community! And I cannot wait to take more courses from you guys in the future!”

(Jack) Boyuan Xu, Head Course Producer, Computer Science at USC

“I took B9lab course (Ethereum) last year and it helped me getting a job. Course material was great, very helpful and instructors were there when I had doubts.”

Luis H.

B9lab alumni already work all over the industry

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