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Blockchain for Professionals - October

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Estimated Effort





40 hours overall

Recommended Experience

General understandings of computational processes and data storage.
You do not need any programming experience and an introduction into the fundamentals needed is provided.


A computer with at least 8 GB RAM
and 50GB free hard-disk space

About this course

Blockchain jumps at you from almost every FinTech publication, economic newspaper, industry blog and even mainstream news.

Although the hype is massive and cryptocurrencies are highly debated, fundamental misconceptions persist. Further, the blockchain community can feel exclusive to those with programming and coding experience, leaving out valuable perspectives, backgrounds and inputs from non-developers.

At B9lab, we want to make blockchain education accessible to everyone who wants to learn. That's why we developed this in-depth course for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of blockchain technology: how it works, potential applications, benefits as well as critical aspects to tackle misconceptions.

Blockchain technology enjoys a great deal of untapped potential to revolutionise and disrupt our way of live, interaction, governmental processes and globalised economy. So that blockchain can fulfil the promise given by enthusiasts, a critical and differentiated view and understanding is essential.

We will dive into technical fundamentals, deployment patterns and smart contracts, but also thoroughly address use cases, business applications and implications of blockchain technology.

The learning experience we provide encompasses not only foundational understandings allowing strategic decision-making, but also tutoring, class discussions, reflection questions and self-assessments.

A solid understanding is crucial

If you are looking into blockchain a critical mind and a solid base will go a long way. Enroll and start building the foundation.

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Course Syllabus

Teaching & Communication

We offer a dedicated Slack channel for all students to collaborate with their classmates and instructors. Classmates and instructors engage in active tutoring to guide you through the lessons and help one another. Our instructors tutor and mentor throughout the course duration and during the exam period to help clarify course content and assist students with reaching their individual learning objectives at their pace.

Your course team

Elias Haase Image

Elias Haase

Elias has been spending the past 10 years planning, building and running applications. His background is in Artificial Intelligence. Since the early days of bitcoin he has been following the progress of blockchain tech and has been gathering experience with smart contracts / trustless computation since late 2014.

Citlali Mora Catlett Image

Citlali Mora Catlett

Citlali is a political scientist with a focus on international relations, international organizations, security policy and economy. She has a BA in Political Science, Economy and Business Administration and a MA in Political Science from the LMU Munich. Citlali has worked at international scholar conferences providing educational experiences for students from around the world, as well as substantial preparation materials and general conference services and assisted in university undergrad courses.

Course Duration

The course lasts 8 weeks. The content is released weekly. You can follow the course at your own pace and study the material whenever it fits best into your daily routine.

At the end of the 8-week tutored course, you will have an 8 weeks exam period during which you can submit your final exam whenever you feel ready.


B9lab awards certificates to participants who show very strong ability and understanding during the course. The pass mark is fairly high and requires an average of 80% or more. Successful participants receive a certificate that is verified on the Ethereum platform.

You can see how that looks like in the B9lab Certificate Center.

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