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Quorum Specialisation Course - QSE 10

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Estimated Effort





10-15 hours overall


participation in the
B9lab Certified Ethereum Developer Course

Technical Requirements

A computer with at least 8 GB RAM
and 50GB free hard-disk space

Get specialized in one of the most promising blockchain technologies on the market!

The Quorum™ Specialisation Course is an extension of the B9lab Ethereum Developer Course and is for experienced Ethereum developers.

The aim of this course is to give you hands-on experience by working directly on the Quorum platform. By the end of the course, you will be able to write smart contracts and build applications that interact with Quorum. The course will also deepen your understanding of Ethereum and unpack how Quorum adds privacy and enhances performance to a default Ethereum system.

Course Curriculum

  • What is Quorum?™
  • What additional Consensus mechanisms does Quorum™ offer?
  • How does Quorum™ achieve privacy and private states?
  • How is Web3 altered and extended in Quorum™?
  • Deploy a local and cloud private Quorum™ network
  • Send and receive private transactions

Project Work

  • Deploy a local Quorum™ network
  • Send and receive private transactions, contracts and date
  • Deploy a Quorum network on Microsoft Azure
  • Start and stop Quorum networks

Teaching & Communication

We offer a dedicated Slack channel for all students to collaborate with your classmates and instructors. Classmates and instructors engage in active tutoring to guide you through the lessons and help one another.

Our instructors tutor and mentor throughout the course duration and during the exam period to help clarify course content and assist students with reaching their individual learning objectives at their pace.

Your course team

Rob Hitchens Image

Rob Hitchens

Rob has worn many hats in his extensive IT career including experience designing, constructing, implementing and operating innovative software solutions, developing training programs and supporting online education platforms. Rob has been dabbling in blockchain technology since the early days and quickly recognised the disruptive potential of Smart Contracts and decentralised apps. Since 2016, Rob has been absorbing all things related to Smart Contracts and supporting developers on their quest to master this technology.

Xavier Lepretre Image

Xavier Lepretre

Xavier is a software and infrastructure engineer. In the past 15 years, he has coded, deployed, customised, troubleshot, and supported various software systems. He has also guided, educated, taught, and coached customers across Asia. Xavier used to be based in Thailand and Singapore. For more than two years now, he has been a keen member of the blockchain community.


B9lab awards certificates to participants who show very strong ability and understanding during the course. The pass mark is fairly high and requires an average of 80% or more on the final exam. Successful participants receive a certificate that is verified on the Ethereum blockchain.You can also add your certification to your LinkedIn profile. Learn more about how B9lab certification works here.