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Blockchain Training from the Web3's Leading Educators

We've trained thousands of developers across multiple protocols and technologies through our instructor-led academy programs and self-paced open-access portals.

We work directly with foundations, institutions, DAOs, co-operatives, projects, and businesses that want to provide training, documentation, and educational materials for free to developers and other non-technical audiences.

Instructor-led academy programs

Our white-labelled academies scale to thousands of participants, and generate certified developers for direct employment or to be supported on independent projects.

Since 2015, we've been behind some of web3's biggest academy programs, like the Consensys Academy (2017), Ethereum Blockstars (2018), the Corda Expert Track (2019), Tezos Blockstars (2019), and the Interchain Developer Academy (2022 and ongoing).

If you're with an organisation and are looking to train and certify developers, get in touch to tell us more about your requirements.

If you're a developer, we're now accepting applications for the next cohort of the Interchain Developer Academy, starting May 2023. Find out more and apply by clicking the link below.

Self-paced open-access portals

Our self-paced open-access portals are developed in association with members of a parent ecosystem. We build them in a modular format to serve two simultaneous purposes: to take a developer from being a blockchain newbie to building with the tech, or as a suite of stand-alone information that existing experts can use to up-skill.

We design, create, and maintain the learning materials, and we build and maintain the portals to host them. We produce, update, and translate technical and non-technical content into a variety of formats, including tutorials, documentation, videos, and more to ensure your technology is easy to understand for anyone who works with it.

If you're with an organisation and want to discuss our self-paced blockchain education content, get in touch to tell us more about your requirements.

If you're a developer, you can dive right in and start learning Cosmos, Tezos, Polymesh, and Corda by clicking on one of the links below:

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